Luggage info

Important! For the Bucharest-Athens-Bucharest flights operated by Animawings on behalf of Aegean Airlines, we would kindly ask passengers to refer to Aegean Airlines’ Terms and Conditions -

You shouldn’t worry about packing when planning your trip. That’s why each Animawings passenger can bring on board 1 hand luggage and up to 5 hold luggage depending on the fare conditions of the purchased travel ticket. Our passengers can also bring on board products purchased from airport duty free shops.

Find out about luggage dimension and weight below:

Carry-on luggage

The carry-on luggage accepted on board varies depending on your option when booking the ticket, as follows:
  • Small hand luggage (personal luggage) - maximum 4 Kg and dimensions of 40x28x20 cm - LIGHT WINGS
  • Large hand luggage (carry-on) - maximum 12 Kg and dimensions of  56 x 45 x 25 cm - SPEEDY & COMFORT WINGS

Checked-in luggage

Your hold luggage must:

  • weigh 23 kg
  • to have maximum dimensions of 100x80x30 cm
  • not contain prohibited objects and / or substances

Passengers are advised not to carry valuables or fragile items in hold luggage.

Musical instruments

Every passenger is welcome to bring one musical instrument in the cabin, if the size is 80x40x23cm or less, and only if it weighs 10kg or less.

Musical instruments will be counted as carry-on luggage. A larger instrument can be transported in the cabin, only if a seat is booked for it. Musical instruments can also be checked in the hold, at the passenger’s risk.

Pets (PETC)

Animawings allows transport of small animals in the cabin, only dogs and cats, weighing up to 8 kg, including the weight of the cage.

The formalities are standard and simple, however we recommend that you follow the European rules imposed:

  • The pet must have a microchip
  • You must present the pet's health card
  • The pet must have a passport issued by a veterinarian
  • The pet must have a valid rabies vaccine
  • The pet must be transported in an IATA certified cage, not exceeding the dimensions 45x30x23 cm for the animals transported in the cabin.

If your pet is transported in the cabin, it is necessary to keep the animal, including the cage, under the seat in front of you. Due to the limited number of animals that can be transported on a single flight, it is necessary to inform the company before departure and obtain confirmation for transport.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment can be stored and transported in the hold of the aircraft, for a fee. For safety reasons, we can only accept the following types of sports equipment:

  • snowboards,
  • skis,
  • surf equipment,
  • diving equipment, only with completely emptied cylinders, without power sources and with all switches in the "OFF" position,
  • golf bags,
  • bicycles in cardboard packaging, with deflated tires.

Packaging required for transportation will not be provided by Animawings.