Animawings Fleet

Animawings is committed to offering its customers a next level flight experience, and part of this commitment are the aircraft with which the flights are operated. That's why Animawings chose the Airbus 320-200, the most successful narrow-body, twin-engine aircraft ever built.

Safety standards

Animawings is under the supervision of the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority. Romania, as a full member of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), complies with the highest safety standards in the world and applies the single European regulatory and certification process.

In addition to having a certification that is in line with one of the most rigorous jurisdictions, Animawings takes full advantage of the vast experience of its management system and the expertise of its team.

In terms of aircraft maintenance, Animawings chose the best solution, outsourcing maintenance and major overhauls to Europe's most reliable partner, Lufthansa Technics.

Seat configuration on Airbus 320 aircraft

More comfort, quality services and maximum safety

We want all passenger to feel good, relaxed, comfortable and safe on board our aircraft, the crew is constantly trained and prepared, and all catering, cleaning services, transfers, etc are done by well-known companies so that you benefit from the best in-flight services.

The first 12 rows have more space
Also, for extra comfort, we configured the seating of the first 12 rows of the aircraft so that passengers benefit from additionally 15 cm, compared to the distance between the rows in the second half of the aircraft.

Airbus A320 Technical Information

Airbus A320 aircraft fly all around the world, land on every continent and can accommodate up to 180 passengers. Every 1.6 seconds an Airbus A320 aircraft takes off or lands in the world. From the heat of the desert to the frozen Antarctic runways, from the short runways of big cities to remote, high-altitude airports, the A320 carries its passengers anywhere in the world.


Overall length 35.57 m
Cabin length 27.51 m
Fuselage width 3.95 m
Max cabin width 3.70 m
Wing span (geometric) 35.80 m with sharklets
Height 11.76 m
Wheelbase 12.64 m


Pax Max seating 180
Typical seating 2-class 140-170
Cargo LS3 capacity underfloor 7 LD3-45W
Max pallet number underfloor 7
Water volume 44 m2


Range 6200 km with sharklets
Mmo M0.82
Max ramp weight 78.40 tones
Max Take-off weight 78.00 tones
Max landing weight 66.00 tones
Max zero fuel weight 62.50 tones
Max fuel capacity 27200 litres