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Do you dream of a beach in Santorini, being with your feet in the golden sand? Do you imagine enjoying a rainbow cocktail on a sun lounger in Zakynthos? Would you like to swim in the turquoise waters of Cyprus? The difference between dream and reality is Animawings! Buy cheap tickets, to your favorite destinations, and enjoy attractive flights, with more hand-luggage, drinks, and food on board.

We are a young company, founded in 2019, but it is the exuberance that makes us take off and fly with you to Heraklion, Rhodos, Corfu, Kos, Chania, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Mykonos, Santorini, Larnaca or Atena! We take you to the most beautiful beaches, which you have only seen in photos and videos of influencers, but also in the big cities in Romania, where business opportunities are just waiting for you - Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara or Bucharest!

Animawings offers you reachable tickets, starting from 37.00 euro/ one-way trip, with countless options for: check-in, change of flight dates, extra services (increased comfort and more luggage), change of contact details, cancellation of the reservation or the option to print the ticket.

Passengers are our number 1 priority, which is why we offer you varied options of drinks, snacks, sandwiches, soups, pastas and pizzas, as well as a selection of jewellery, watches, perfumes and products that can be given as gifts to loved ones.

Cheap flights to the most know holiday destinations around Europe!

We know you want to see the world, but the way you do it matters. That is why Animawings offers you accessible tickets and flights to destinations that would make anyone curious. Just traveling would not be enough without punctuality and comfort during the flight.

The flight schedule is transparent, the airport check-in option is free of charge, and people with disabilities and special needs will always be welcomed in the best conditions and with maximum respect. 

Are you tired of the same mundane holidays when you get tired because you have been driving for hours? Do you want to really enjoy the moments spent "in the air" and not count the hours to the destination as soon as you get on the plane? Fly with Animawings!

It is just one sure step from imagination to complete relaxation in a holiday destination: book cheap flights on our website and we will take care of the rest!

In addition, there are no destinations where we do not fly, there are destinations where we do not fly regularly! And for these, we offer you charter flights, for groups of friends or business partners of minimum 50 people!