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The city of Iasi, also called the Capital of Moldova, is the residence of the county with the same name and the fourth largest city in the country. It has, however, the second largest metropolitan area in Romania, after Bucharest, the population being constantly growing, due to economic opportunities and more. In fact, this is one of the reasons why more and more people buy their plane tickets for Iasi flights. The destination is not only a tourist and historical one, but also a business one, many businesses, especially those that carry out their activity in the region of Moldova, having their headquarters here.

Iasi can be considered the city of great ideas, of the first great union, of the first theater show in Romanian, of the first memorial literary museum (Bojdeuca lui Ion Creanga from Țicău), but also of the first Museum of Natural History in Romania. On the hill of Copou in the city is the oldest university in the country, today called "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, after its founder, and in Mihai Eminescu Square is located the Central University Library of the same name, the oldest in the country.

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You can travel with more luggage.

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You can check up to four pieces of luggage per flight, per passenger; the fee will be applied separately for each.

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Do you prefer a delicious soup: chicken or tomato, vegetarian or couscous, a slice of Quatro Formaggi or Quatro Stagioni pizza, a fresh sandwich with chicken breast, Sibiu salami or cheese, or just a drink with a snack? On board the Animawings airplane you will have plenty to choose from, especially since we have prepared the most interesting packages for you, in multiple combinations, with discounts to match!

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Transfers to and from the Airport

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you need a reliable transfer option to and from the airport to start or finish your trip. Take the stress out of travel by arranging your airport transfer ahead of time so you can arrive relaxed and on time.

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After landing

Airport: Iasi International Airport

Flights to Iasi land on the International Airport located 8 kilometers northeast of the city center, one of the oldest in the country (opened in 1926). The airport has three terminals and serves 12,700 aircraft and 1.3 million passengers annually.

In case you bought a plane ticket to Iasi, you should know that, once you arrive at the airport, you have many ways to get to the city center:

- by train (to Iași Railway Station or Nicolina International Railway Station, also located in the city);

- by public transport (express line 50, operated by SCTP, which also reaches Iasi Railway Station);

- by taxi.

When to visit Iasi

Logically, you can schedule flights to Iasi any time of the year, each with its own charm. The climate is similar to the rest of Romania, the daily average temperatures alternating between -3.7 degrees Celsius in January and +20.5 degrees Celsius in July. In total, you can expect relatively low rainfall (between 5 and 9 days a month, most in June and July).

Weather in Iasi

Main attractions in Iasi

The Palace of Culture

If you bought plane tickets to Iasi, it is impossible not to reach the city center, more precisely the famous Palace of Culture. One of the most famous buildings in Romania, the Palace was built between 1906-1925, on the site of the former medieval Moldavian royal court. Built in neo-Gothic style, the building now houses numerous cultural institutions: the Museum of History of Moldova, the Ethnographic Museum of Moldova, the Museum of Art, the Museum of Science and Technology, etc.

Copou Park

Immediately after landing, Iasi will reveal itself to you in all its splendor, including the most famous park in Moldova. Copou contributes significantly to improving air quality and maintaining local biodiversity, hosting hundreds, maybe even thousands of trees and shrubs: lime, ash, maple, yew, forsythia, jasmine, bat. The most common animals in the park set up in 1833-1834 are birds and squirrels. Also in the park, there is the famous Tei of Eminescu, but also a museum dedicated to the national poet.

Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Iasi is dedicated to Saint Parascheva, being an important place of pilgrimage every year, when this day is celebrated. In fact, the big celebration may be the reason why some people book plane tickets to Iasi. The idea of building this monumental church belonged to the ruler Mihail Sturdza, the interior painting being made by the master Gheorghe Tattarescu. The architectural style is inspired by the late forms of the Italian Renaissance, and the decorative elements, both interior and exterior, are dominated by Baroque.

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