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Cheap flights to Cluj with extra options

Cluj is one of the most important cities in the country, being among the most economically developed. It is best known for its historic center, dotted with chic cafes and boutiques. Cluj is a cultural city, full of impressive art and architecture and today hosts no less than six state universities, being the city with the highest percentage of students in Romania.

The name Cluj comes from Castrum Clus, originally used in the twelfth century to name the fortress that surrounded the city. The word Clus comes from Latin and means "closed", referring to the hills surrounding the city.

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Extra Luggage Options

You can travel with more luggage.

Buy extra luggage on the additional services page, during booking or after it through "Manage Booking"!

You can check up to four pieces of luggage per flight, per passenger; the fee will be applied separately for each.

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Meals and beverages on board

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Check the on board catering menu here.

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Transfers to and from the Airport

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you need a reliable transfer option to and from the airport to start or finish your trip. Take the stress out of travel by arranging your airport transfer ahead of time so you can arrive relaxed and on time.

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After landing

Airport: Cluj Napoca International Airport (CLJ)

The airport is located just 6 km away from the historic center of Cluj.

The fastest way to get to the city is by taxi, but you can also opt for public transport,

respectively bus line no. 8 leaving every 15 minutes for the city.

When to visit Cluj Napoca

Any season of the year is suitable to spend a few days in Cluj Napoca.

Cultural events already known around the world, vibrant nightlife,

the special restaurants and cafes attract more and more tourists every year in this charming city.

Weather in Cluj-Napoca

Main attractions

Union square

Unirii Square in Cluj-Napoca is adorned with buildings with Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance or Neoclassical architecture.

Here you will find a church in the southern part of the square and an equestrian statue of Matthew Corvin dating from 1902. Also here you will find Hotel Continental, housed in a building from 1895, whose architecture combines Renaissance, Classical and Baroque styles.

During World War II, it served as the headquarters of German troops in Transylvania.

St. Michael's Church

The Church of St. Michael is one of the most beautiful Gothic monuments in Transylvania, built between 1350 and 1487, on the site where once stood the Chapel of St. James.

The church is adorned with stained glass and statuettes, its altar dating back to 1390. Banffy Palace is a former residence of the Austro-Hungarian governors.

The building was designed by German architect Johann Eberhard Blaumann for the then governor, Banffy Gyorgy. Built between 1774 and 1775, the palace is considered to be the most representative example of the Baroque style in Transylvania. In 1951, it became the headquarters of the National Museum of Art in Cluj.

Franciscan Monastery and Church

The Franciscan Monastery and Church is one of the oldest buildings in the city, being built in the fifteenth century, on the site of an older church, dating from 1273.

The church was donated to the Order of Dominican Monks by Prince Iancu de Hunedoara in 1455. The monastery church was donated to the Franciscans, who restored it in Baroque style, around 1728.

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