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Avg Temp.

27º C

Power outlet

220-250V de tip Euro

Official language

arabă, berberă

Marrakech is at the same time calm, relaxing, but also active and dizzying, because the atmosphere depends a lot on the area of ​​the city where you are. The commercial areas are more crowded and hectic, while in the neighborhoods there is an atmosphere of calm. Usually, Europeans arriving in places of the Arab world feel overwhelmed by the culture shock and people's lifestyle, so maybe that's where the dizziness comes from. The heat of the day can drain you of energy, but everything is solved with a short hydration break, to which you can add a snack and a coffee made in the sand. The locals are friendly, some even excessively, but this can be a sign that they are trying to sell you something, or, in extreme cases, to take advantage of your naivety. A tip to keep in mind before reaching this destination would be not to leave yourself in the hands of the guides unless they wear an authorized badge and do your best to eat and drink in restaurants frequented by locals. In addition to museum visits, culinary adventures and long walks through the bazaar, you also have a lot to do and as many experiences to try in Marrakech. First of all, you can't miss a visit to the hammam, known to us more as "Turkish baths". You can find them everywhere in the Arab world and beyond, and many of them have an interesting architecture, but not many compare to those in Marrakech, which seem to have been designed especially for princes.

Walking through the city you will notice old, but well-kept houses, which although not luxurious offer a feeling of calm and comfort. A very common type of house here is the riad, a house with simple architecture, which must have an upstairs terrace. You can find them especially on the narrow, secluded streets, in the quieter areas of the city. If you have the opportunity, you should spend at least one night in such a house. There are a lot of beautiful places you can discover if you take a walk out of town and there are a lot of fun ways to do that. If you have time, you can make trips to the desert, to the Berber villages, to the oases with palm trees or to the Atlas Mountains, on camel, ATV or in off-road vehicles. For a completely unique experience, you can choose a balloon flight over the desert. Maybe this is not exactly an activity, but many tourists are surprised or even marked by the large number of stray cats in Marrakech. The locals do not persecute them, but they do not pay much attention to them, instead often tourists stop to feed them, to caress them or even to try to catch and adopt them. If you like cats, you will definitely stop at least to take some pictures of them.

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After landing

Airport: Marrakech Ménara (RAK)

Located about 3 km from the city center, Ménara Airport serves both scheduled flights of major companies in the world and charters especially during the tourist season. The airport has many free shops, cafes and restaurants, fashion shops , bank offices and foreign exchange.

Land transport to and from the airport

The distance between the airport and the city of Marrakesh is only 3 km, the fastest means of transfer is by taxi. For those who have purchased a tour package, with a hotel located at a greater distance, the solution is to book a shuttle bus.

Car rental

Most international rental companies can be accessed from the airport's official website. Car rental centers are located in the Arrivals area of the airport.

Main attractions

Old city

Djemaa El Fna is the main square of the city, the place where traders, troubadours, groups of tourists but also locals come to solve their daily affairs, to drink a coffee or just to take the pulse of the city. Here you will find a lot of stalls with food and various products, from spices to live animals.

Medresa Ali Ben Youssef is a beautiful piece of Moorish architecture which, although no longer functioning as a school, continues to be one of the great symbols of the city and one of the great tourist attractions. The Saadian tombs make up a vast and luxurious funerary complex, which sends us thinking of pyramids. Sultan Ahmed Al Mansour Ed Dahbi did not skimp at all when he designed this cemetery with gardens and mausoleums.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

One of the newest and most surprising attractions in the city is the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, a building whose architecture combines minimalist style with the specific Arab one. The permanent gallery presents the history of the French designer and some of his most important creations.

The French fashion designer, who has lived here since 1966, has made a wonderful gift to the city, namely the Majorelle Garden. He took over the eclectic villa and the beautiful garden and opened it to the public. The garden is home to over 300 rare species of plants from five continents, and the complex also includes the Berber Museum, with exhibits that showcase the wonderful culture of the indigenous Moroccan people.

Bahia Palace

It is perhaps the most beautiful objective of the city, being a project whose realization lasted 14 years and on which the greatest architects, builders and artists of the time worked, being built in the 15th century. The salons of the Little Riyadh and the Grand Riyadh are decorated with beautiful inlaid murals and zouak, decorative elements of painted wood. The vast garden with colorful arches and fountains sends you thinking of grand ceremonies and it's like you start to hear oriental music resounding. The beauty of the palace makes it easy to understand why it was so disputed over time, even serving as the headquarters of the French protectorate. The Sultan built a truly luxurious residence here, with Carrara marble, mosaics and arches, where he buried three other princes, while in the garden he placed the graves of 170 chancellors and their wives. But the most beautiful is the mausoleum of the sultan's mother, decorated with inscriptions with lyrics and blessings.

Useful information

Flavors from Marocco

In Marrakech and in the rest of Morocco, street food is very popular, which you usually find in the bazaar and in commercial areas. Even if the market booths here are not as new and good-looking as the ones in Europe, we assure you that the food is very tasty and, if you choose the booths where the locals eat or queue, it will certainly be very fresh. If you thought snails were a typical French specialty, head to Jemma El Fna Square, where you'll find at least three places selling delicious snail soup. They are not only delicious, but also have beneficial properties for digestion. B’stilla is a dish that comes from the city of Fes, but today it is also very popular in Marrakech. The dish looks somewhat like a thin dough pie, stuffed with pigeon meat, almonds, egg and spices. You can also find variants with chicken or fish instead of pigeon. Harira soup is also very popular on the street, containing chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes, noodles and sometimes meat. If you don't like the wind or don't trust street food, we recommend a visit to Snack Othman on Moulay Rachid Boulevard, where you can eat Beldi breakfast, which consists of fresh bread with honey, olive oil, argan oil, olives and other small snacks. If you arrive later, you can order a Khlii with eggs and tea or fresh juice. Khlii is dried chicken, fried with fat and eggs until tender. For a more hearty lunch you can go to Bejghueni Restaurant, where you can enjoy mutton, lamb or grilled chicken, skewers, kebabs and garnishes such as beans, eggplant, chickpeas and tomatoes.

When to visit Marrakech

If you are planning a holiday in Marrakech, do your best to get here during spring or autumn. Summer brings far too high temperatures and far too many tourists, and in winter the city becomes again crowded with tourists fleeing the cold of their countries. Also avoid coming during Ramadan or the major Muslim holidays, as they can affect both public transportation and hours of sightseeing.

Weather in Marrakesh