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Otopeni Airport

Airport name: Henri Coanda International Airport Bucharest

Address: Calea Bucureştilor 224E, Otopeni 075150

Phone: 021 204 1000



Distance from city center: The airport is 16.5 kilometers away from Bucharest,

in the northern area.

Means of transport to the city

  • Expressway 780 connects Henri Coanda International Airport to North Station.
  • Express Line 783 connects Henri Coanda International Airport to the center of Bucharest. This line runs both during the day and at night, when buses follow each other at 40-minute intervals.
  • Train connects Henri Coanda International Airport to North Station.

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Extra Luggage Options

You can travel with more luggage.

Buy extra luggage on the additional services page, during booking or after it through "Manage Booking"!

You can check up to four pieces of luggage per flight, per passenger; the fee will be applied separately for each.

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Travel insurance

To support you in planning your trip, we have decided to include Covid-19 coverage in the General Insurance Conditions, both for travel medical insurance and for cancellation insurance.

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Meals and beverages on board

It does not matter whether you prefer a full meal with your morning paper and a cup of good coffee or whether you are satisfied with a quick cookie. Aboard our planes you will always get what makes you start your day in your favourite way.

Check the on board catering menu here.

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Flights to Bucharest - tourist and business capital

Bucharest is not only the capital of Romania and the largest city in the country, but also the number 1 national tourist, economic and business center. It is the second most populous city in South-Eastern Europe, after Istanbul; but in front of capitals such as Sofia, Belgrade and Athens, "Little Paris" is an eclectic potpourri of people from all over the country, but also from abroad, attracted both by the financial opportunities in the Capital and by the social and cultural ones. With large parks, imposing buildings, numerous bars and wide boulevards guarded by shops, Bucharest attracts like a magnet - despite the fact that the residents born here tend to see only the negative aspects, such as congested traffic.

Flight tickets to Bucharest, from dozens of cities

"Crowded" in the positive sense, this time, is however, air traffic in Bucharest as Romania's capital is an important hub between Western Europe and the United States, on the one hand, and Eastern Europe and Asia, on the other hand. At Animawings, we offer you flights from Bucharest to dozens of cities in Romania and abroad, such as Cluj-Napoca, Valencia, Catania, Hurghada, Corfu, Zakynthos, Tenerife, Zanzibar, Billund (Denmark), Helsinki, Naples or Bucharest plane tickets from Sharm el-Sheikh.

Weather in Bucharest

Main Attractions

Spring Palace (Primăverii)

The former residence of the Ceausescu family, at that time the most luxurious home in Romania, is now open to the general public.

You must book at least 24 hours in advance, due to the interest for this monument of luxury from a time when the population slept in the cold and darkness.

The house, as an architectural project, and the interior design elements are the result of the work of the greatest architects and artists of the time, and some of the clothing and decorative pieces are received as gifts from heads of state and important people of the world.

National Museum of Art of Romania

The most important art museum in the country operates in the Royal Palace on Calea Victoriei, a space it has occupied since 1953.

The museum's collection is divided into two large galleries, the national and the European art gallery.

The Gallery of Modern Romanian Art has works by the most important Romanian artists, such as Nicolae Grigorescu, Ștefan Luchian, Theodor Aman, Gheorghe Tattarescu, Corneliu Baba, Cecilia Cuțulescu Storck, Constantin Brâncuși, Tonitza, Iser and many others.

National Museum of History

The most important museum of the Romanian state, and perhaps the largest apart from the open-air ones, operates in the former Post Office Palace on Calea Victoriei. Here are exposed the most important objects of state patrimony and the most representative vestiges from the history of the Romanian people and of the civilizations that existed in this geographical space.

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