We are committed to deliver the best in class experience to our passengers, and part of it is the aircrafts we will operate. That’s why we chose the Airbus 320-200, the most successful narrow body, twin engine aircraft ever built.

Type of aircraft: Airbus 320-200

Number of aircraft in the fleet: 2

Facts & Figures:

Seating 180 passengers and flying throughout the world – and landing on every continent – an A320 takes off or lands every 1.6 seconds. From the heat of the desert to icy Antarctic runways, or from short runway urban environments to remote high-altitude airports, the A320 can take passengers anywhere.

As the longest-range single-aisle aircraft, airlines and passengers alike have benefitted from the A320’s exceptional efficiency and quality since its introduction, which has opened up exciting new travel possibilities throughout the world. This is the aircraft that changed the game.

Technical specification

Technical specs Airbus 320-01

Range from Bucharest:

Seat Map

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