Flying with Animawings is all about comfort and enjoyment. Therefore, we’ll offer you a complimentary snack and a refreshing drink on your flight. We can also provide warm meals on demand, an extra charge will apply.

Animawings catering services begin just minutes after take-off. During the service you’ll be offered our complimentary snack and a refreshing drink. More details about on demand catering  will be provided by Animawings crew members during the flight.


We think you shouldn’t worry about over packing when planning your trip. That’s why we include one carry-on bag and one checked-in bag for every flight. See details about bag size and weight below.

You’re also welcome to bring your duty free purchased items on board.

Extra pieces of luggage will be checked-in, extra charge will apply. You’re allowed to check a total of six pieces of luggage (the carry-on bag should be counted separately).

Carry-on luggage – take it on board

Your bag must:

  • Weigh 10kg or less
  • Be 55cm x 40cm x 20cm or smaller
  • Not include any restricted items
  • Always be stored in the overhead lockers

Checked-in luggage – in the hold

Your luggage must:

  • 1 piece of maximum weigh of 23kg
  • be 100cm x 80cm x 30cm or smaller
  • Not include any restricted items
  • We advise passengers to pack valuable or fragile items in the carry-on bag

Musical instruments and sporting equipment

Every passenger is welcome to bring one musical instrument in the cabin, if the size is 80cm x 40cm x 23cm or less, and only if it weighs 10kg or less. Musical instruments will be counted as carry-on luggage. A larger instrument can be transported in the cabin, only if a seat is booked for it. Musical instruments can also be checked in the hold, at the passenger’s risk.

Sporting equipment can be checked in the hold, an extra charge will apply. For safety reasons, we can only accept the following sporting items: snowboard, ski, surf equipment, diving equipment, only with empty cylinders removed power source or bulb switches secured in the “OFF” position, golf bags packed in a pouch, bicycles packed in a cardboard box, with deflated tyres. Packaging materials must be provided by passengers.

Disabled passengers and passengers with special needs

In line with Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006, our partners provide a wide range of facilities for disabled and reduced mobility passengers at airports. Passengers are considered disabled when their physical, medical or mental condition requires individual attention (on embarking and disembarking, during flight, in an emergency evacuation, during ground handling) that is not normally extended to other passengers.

Disabled passengers are passengers who:

  • use wheelchairs
  • live with visual or hearing impairments
  • travel with guide dogs

Passengers with special needs are considered those who are:

  • pregnant
  • travelling with a broken leg
  • travelling with mobility equipment
  • are affected by a contagious disease
  • using medicine or medical equipment
  • in need of extra oxygen for medical reasons

Two mobility equipments items can be checked-in or taken on board free of charge. All passengers are required to pre-book the wheelchair in order to avoid and inconvenience in the airport. Your agent will assist you in choosing the right service for your needs.

Animawings can provide WCHR / WCHS / WCHC.


Only manual wheelchairs and dry cell, non-spillable battery-powered wheelchairs are accepted, provided that the terminals are insulated to prevent accidental short circuits. The battery must be securely attached to the wheelchair.


If your wheelchair is not collapsible, please provide the dimensions when you are informing the Special Assistance Call Centre.


To make sure that you are comfortable, our handling agent will provide assistance during the check-in procedure and baggage drop-off. You will be assisted to the gate, through security and on board. Most often you will be seated in a window seat.

Please note that our cabin crew cannot provide assistance with drinks, meals or medication, but they will help you in moving from your seat to the toilet facilities, if required.

Pregnant women

For safety reasons, pregnant women can travel only up to the 34th week of pregnancy. In case of twin pregnancies, the time limit is the 32nd week.

If you are over your 28th week of pregnancy, please provide a medical certificate confirming that you are fit to travel by air. Please note that the medical certificate must be issued within 6 days of your flight’s date.

Passengers with contagious disease

If you have a contagious disease or any other condition requiring medical care, you need a medical certificate confirming your fitness to travel by air. The medical certificate must be issued within 6 days of your flight’s date.

We cannot be liable for any injuries, deterioration of health conditions suffered by passenger or for death during travel by air, due to such conditions.

Please contact our Special Assistance Call Centre at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.

Peanut and nut allergy

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee a peanut-free aircraft as other passengers may bring their own peanut products on board. We therefore recommend that you bring allergy control medicine with you on board (such as an EpiPen, antihistamines, etc.) and you may take your own food with you as well. If you need additional information, please contact our Call Centre.

Once on board, please make the crew aware about your allergies.

Travelling with pets

 Animawings will allow onboard small sized animals, cats and dogs, of up to 6kg including the cage or soft sided carrier (in the cabin) and medium sized pets up to 32kg (cage + pet-> in the plane’s hold). Please refere to the additional services price list for the extracost related to the PETS transportation.

Formalities are simple, however we recommend you to respect the compulsory European norms:

  • the pet should wear a microchip implanted under the skin
  • you need to present the health card
  • a passport issued by the vet
  • an up-to-date rabies shot

Your pet must be transported in an IATA certified cage, which should not be larger than 45 x 30 x 23 cm for cabin transport.

When travelling with your pet in the cabin, you’re going to transport the cage under the front seat and you will be seated in the last rows of the plane. For safety reasons, if you have two (or more) pets, you can only transport one in the cabin with you.

If the total weight of the animal + the cage exceeds the designated 32 kg, a tax of 60 EUR/ 60 GBP will be imposed, tax that can be paid only during check-in formalities.

Restricted items

For safety and security reasons, the following items* will not be accepted on board:

  • Any substances marked or known as flammable or highly combustible: ammunition, gases, gas containers, acetone, fuels, fireworks, etc.
  • Any substances marked as chemical or toxic: poisons, radioactive materials, alkalis, acids, defensive sprays, corrosive and/or bleaching materials, etc.
  • Hazardous biological material: blood, viruses, bacteria, etc.
  • Firearms and other weapons
  • Blunt objects: baseball bats, batons, etc.

*This list is not exhaustive. Other items not stated on the list will not be accepted on board if Animawings or airport crew decides they might pose a risk or threat.

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