Fill in the flight data

You can change your departure dates even a few hours before your travel date.
See below the options to change the dates of bookings already made!

Change flight date

If you wish to change your flight dates prior to check-in, you can do this by accessing the page dedicated to managing bookings.

Choose extra services

Do you want more comfort during the flight, do you want to book a private transfer to the airport, or do you have a surplus of luggage and want to upgrade for extra luggage? You have the option to add extra services by accessing My Bookings section.

Change contact details

If your identification data or that of another passenger for whom you made the reservation has changed after the booking has been made, please update the data in the dedicated section. Also, if your contact address or phone number is other than those listed on the booking form, please update the information with the new contact details.

Cancel booking

If for various reasons you cannot or do not want to fly, you can cancel the booking at any time, but not later than 4 hours before the booked flight, with the right to refund the value of your ticket depending on the conditions of the purchased fare.

Print the ticket

Before arriving at the airport at the Animawings check-in desk, make sure you have printed your flight tickets.

Final note

For passengers booking flights from travel agencies or through a third-party website, the ticket will be provided by the travel agent. If the booking was not made by you, any flight changes will be communicated to the contact details of the booking holder.