Flights to Seychelles, the island of eternal summer





Avg Temp.

28º C

Official language

Seychellois Creole

Seychelles - the islands of eternal summer

A perfect cocktail of luxury, brilliance and tranquility. Whether you think of endless beaches with fine white sand, clear blue waters with huge coral reefs or unique dining experiences, the Seychelles is among the top lovers of nature and exotic holidays.

Hints and Tips

• The most common ingredients are lamb, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits, including papaya, mango, bananas, avocado, grapefruit and pineapple. Creole cuisine has been preserved, but has many English, French, Chinese and Indian influences.

• The beaches in the islands are considered some of the most beautiful in the world; turquoise water and tropical climate throughout the year make this destination "the place to be".

• Diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities on the island.

• The Seychelles are known for their beaches, but also for the island and mountains; unique flora and fauna in the world. The hottest coconut in the world is produced by a palm tree found here Coco De Mer. For those who want to see this wonderful palm tree, they can visit the Valle de Mai Nature Reserve in Praslin, being included in the UNESCO Heritage

• The island has a good infrastructure and almost all the inhabitants speak English.

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Extra Luggage Options

You can travel with more luggage.

Buy extra luggage on the additional services page, during booking or after it through "Manage Booking"!

You can check up to four pieces of luggage per flight, per passenger; the fee will be applied separately for each.

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Travel insurance

To support you in planning your trip, we have decided to include Covid-19 coverage in the General Insurance Conditions, both for travel medical insurance and for cancellation insurance.

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Meals and beverages on board

Do you prefer a delicious soup: chicken or tomato, vegetarian or couscous, a slice of Quatro Formaggi or Quatro Stagioni pizza, a fresh sandwich with chicken breast, Sibiu salami or cheese, or just a drink with a snack? On board the Animawings airplane you will have plenty to choose from, especially since we have prepared the most interesting packages for you, in multiple combinations, with discounts to match!

Check the on board catering menu here.

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Useful information

After landing

Airport: Seychelles International Airport (SEZ)

The airport, also known as Pointe Larue, is located on Mahe Island, 11 kilometers southeast of the capital Victoria. If you buy flights to Seychelles, from here you will start your journey to the beautiful destination.

When to visit Seychelles

The climate in the Seychelles is warm, with no extreme phenomena. Temperatures rarely fall below 24 degrees C and just as rarely rise above 32 degrees C; which means that the islands can be visited all year round. From May to October the weather is warm and dry, and from December to March the weather is a bit wetter.

Weather in Seychelles

Main attractions