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Târgu Mureș is probably the most underestimated city of Transylvania.

An excellent place to start exploring the Szeklerland, with a Romanian and Hungarian population in approximately equal percentage, the city reveals itself discreetly, but memorably.

Târgu Mureș Airport

Airport name: Transilvania Târgu Mureș International Airport

Address: DN15, Ungheni 547605

Phone: + 40-265-328.259



Parking: The airport has 172 parking spaces, 4 of which are reserved for people with reduced mobility.

Details about rates can be found on

Distance from the city center: The airport is 13 kilometers away from Târgu Mureș.

Means of transport to the city

From the airport, you can take a taxi or rent a car.

There is also a shuttle service, mentioned on the airport website.

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When to visitT

Weather in Târgu Mureş

Main attractions

Explore the medieval fortress

The medieval fortress, which occupies 4.3ha, is a very quiet promenade, with benches and a playground for children.

Although some of the buildings inside no longer exist, you can admire the Reformed Church and the Maintenance Building.

In the Main Tower you will find both an exhibition about the history of Târgu Mureș, as well as objects discovered following archaeological excavations.

During the winter, an artificial ice rink is set up here, which attracts both children and adults every day.

Discover the treasures from the library

The Teleki-Bolyai Library is housed in a beautiful Baroque building and houses over 200,000 volumes.

The Teleki Collection, one of the richest old book collections in Transylvania,

includes, the 33 volumes of the Encyclopedia of Diderot and D'Alambert,

contemporary lexicons and publications of academies and scientific societies in Europe.

Admission is free, so be sure to go explore the beautiful library.

The Palace of Culture

The main symbol of the city, the Palace of Culture impresses at first sight,

through the lovely roof with colorful mosaics. His remarkably crafted stained glass windows were awarded at the 1914 San Francisco Decorative Art Exhibition.

Currently, the palace hosts several cultural institutions, such as the Philharmonic, the County Library, the Art Museum,

The Art Galleries, the History Museum, which we advise you to visit.

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