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Rhodes island is the fourth largest in Greece. The capital with the same name is located in the north of the island and is divided into 2 areas: modern and medieval. The modern area is cosmopolitan, with most of the buildings built in the 20th century. Here you can enjoy the nightlife, thanks to the many bars, clubs and restaurants. The medieval area is surrounded by the walls erected by the Crusaders, which hide narrow streets and old castles. The ancient city, founded in 408 BC. awaits you with the ruins of the temples of Zeus, Athens and Apollo, with the Stadium and Theater, but also with the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the 7 wonders of the world.

What else you can discover on the island

  • The Butterfly Valley, an ecosystem unique in the world as it has survived untouched. In summer you can see here multicolored butterflies dancing through the air.
  • The small, picturesque town of Lindos, from where you can climb to the Acropolis
  • Monolithos Castle, located in the village with the same name, awaits you to admire the beautiful view offered by this high point of the island
  • Anthony Quinn Bay, a small bay near Faliraki, with very clear water. Here were filmed scenes from the movies Cannons of Navarone and Zorba the Greek.

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You can travel with more luggage.

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You can check up to four pieces of luggage per flight, per passenger; the fee will be applied separately for each.

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To support you in planning your trip, we have decided to include Covid-19 coverage in the General Insurance Conditions, both for travel medical insurance and for cancellation insurance.

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Meals and beverages on board

It does not matter whether you prefer a full meal with your morning paper and a cup of good coffee or whether you are satisfied with a quick cookie. Aboard our planes you will always get what makes you start your day in your favourite way.

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The weather is very good from April to November, but July-September is the busiest period, when the whole island is swarming with tourists. However, there are many beaches, taverns and bars to make everyone feel great.

Weather in Rhodes Town