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Marsa Matruh or Northern Riviera of Egypt offers a complete Egyptian experience to any type of traveler. Bright white sandy beaches, luxury all Inclusive hotels and world-famous historical relics can be visited nearby. Situated in a large circular bay and protected by a series of rocks that form a natural dam, Marsa Matrouh is a relatively secluded destination but still full of life and history, on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt.

With long white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, such as Agiba beach and Gharam beach, described by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the legend claims that Cleopatra herself bathed in the calm waters of Marseilles Matrouh, in the already famous area like Cleopatra's beach, a portion that is still accessible to tourists and that you certainly can't miss.

The color of the water varies from blue to green, due to the differences in depth in Matrouh Bay. The coast, with irregular relief, forms an amazing underwater world in the open sea, with mountains, valleys and fish species in all colors, and near Alexandria there is even the ancient sunken city Heracleion-Thonis.

The Mediterranean coastal climate gives this region an extensive tourist season and is suitable both for beach and sun lovers and for those who want to live the full Egyptian experience and visit some of the most coveted tourist attractions in the world: the Pyramids and the Sphinx, Cairo city (about 4 hours away); the wonderful city of Alexandria (about 3 hours away) or the grandiose Nile Delta, along with many other unique sights in the Siwa Oasis area with the Temple of Alexander the Great, Cleopatra's Spring or the Mountain of the Dead.

Marsa Matrouh is in the northwest corner of Egypt, where Erwin Rommel - the "desert fox" himself, chose a cave near the shore to command operations during the battle of El-Alamein. Rommel's Cave is still here and can be visited, being transformed into the Rommel Museum.

The tourist area is served by Marsa Matruh International Airport, but also by numerous resorts and hotel chains with luxury all Inclusive services.

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Weather in Marsa Matruh

Useful information

When to visit Marsa Matruh

The average temperature in Marsa Matruh varies. Due to the humidity, the temperatures are good for most of the year, excluding a few hot weeks in the summer, with very little chance of rainfall throughout the year. The ideal weather periods are: February - June and October - December. If you are looking for the hottest days to visit Marsa Matruh, the hottest months are July, August and September.


If you dream of a relaxing holiday in the sun in an idyllic landscape, book a flight to Marsa Matruh. This destination is known for its white sand beaches, turquoise and clear waters and rocky areas that contribute to the charming views.

The beaches are one of the most important attractions in Marsa Matruh, so you can't overlook them. They give you the opportunity to relax in the sun and forget about any worries!

Night life

Another reason why many tourists choose to book flights to Marsa Matruh is the nightlife. This tourist destination has many clubs and bars where you can have fun with your loved ones. Also, here you will find many places where you can play bowling, billiards, and other fun games.


Do you like shopping when you go on a vacation? Then you will definitely love Marsa Matruh. Here you will find many popular places for shopping, from where you can choose interesting gifts and souvenirs!

Book flights to Marsa Matruh and enjoy a relaxing, fun holiday that you will always remember fondly!