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The city of Hurghada is quickly becoming a select top resort.

Impressive concrete hotels have been built on the coast, new roads have covered the sandy roads, and diving enthusiasts have once again taken the place of fishermen. Hurghada is a perfect destination for beach and water sports, a very popular stopping point in the tourist circuits on the Nile Valley.

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Extra Luggage Options

You can travel with more luggage.

Buy extra luggage on the additional services page, during booking or after it through "Manage Booking"!

You can check up to four pieces of luggage per flight, per passenger; the fee will be applied separately for each.

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Meals and beverages on board

Do you prefer a delicious soup: chicken or tomato, vegetarian or couscous, a slice of Quatro Formaggi or Quatro Stagioni pizza, a fresh sandwich with chicken breast, Sibiu salami or cheese, or just a drink with a snack? On board the Animawings airplane you will have plenty to choose from, especially since we have prepared the most interesting packages for you, in multiple combinations, with discounts to match!

Check the on board catering menu here.

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Transfers to and from the Airport

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you need a reliable transfer option to and from the airport to start or finish your trip. Take the stress out of travel by arranging your airport transfer ahead of time so you can arrive relaxed and on time.

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Hurghada flights - after landing

Airport: Hurghada (HRG)

The airport is located 5 km southwest of El Dahar (Hurghada city center). The airport has several cafés, bars and a restaurant.

There is a post office with internet services, several pay phones for international calls.

Hurghada Airport has large shopping facilities, including a large number of souvenir shops, jewelry, perfumes

and newsstands.

Duty-free offers local goods, food, gifts, perfumes, tobacco and alcohol.

Land transport to and from the airport

Generally, the recommended option for transfers to the desired resort is with a shuttle bus.

The other option is the taxi, in Egypt it is not recommended to rent a car during your stay. Minibuses operate on request only.

When to visit Hurghada

In general, the tourist season in Egypt lasts from November to the end of February, but October also brings pleasant temperatures and a holiday atmosphere.

Hurghada awaits you with sunshine and affordable prices all year round,

but holidays here tend to get a little more expensive in the middle of summer and during the winter holidays.

Weather in Hurghada

Main attractions in Hurghada

Divers' paradise

The aspect that most fascinates the tourists who come here is the ideal water for diving. Gota Abu Ramada is the most popular diving site in the entire region. This is where tourists attracted by underwater life, from amateurs to professional divers and marine photographers, always gather. For walks, relaxation and fun, tourists gather in Hurghada Marina, the city's tourist port.

There are also plenty of restaurants and bars, as well as hundreds of luxury yachts that tourists can rent for sea cruises. The resort covers 36km of coastline, which means you will have the beach at your discretion. The public beach is spacious and lively, but everyone recommends visiting the beaches within the resorts, which are much cleaner. Those attracted to marine life, but who do not want to dive, can study it closely at the Hurghada Grand Aquarium, an excellent aquarium where they can see hundreds of species of marine life. The Giftun Islands are perhaps the most impressive places for diving.

The environment here is protected to conserve species of fish, mollusks, crustaceans and other creatures. Other great places for diving are:

  • Umm Moon
  • Shdewdan Island
  • Ashrafi Islands
  • Siyul Kebira
  • Stingray Station

the latter being populated by numerous scorpions and leopard sharks, livings harmless to humans.

One night in the desert

The Bedouins, the native people of Egypt, have been living in the threatening desert for thousands of years, following an absolutely fascinating lifestyle.

A night trip to the Sahara Desert allows you to meet these wonderful people, learn from them about the life in the desert, sing and dance together at night by the fire, taste traditional food and sleep in open tents, admiring the starry sky.

Local flavors

If you know where to look, in Egypt you will find much more than the triumvirate of kebab, falafel and shawarma. Of course, shish tawooq (grilled chicken) and kofta (fried meatballs) are ubiquitous and worth a try, but explore local cuisine in more detail and you'll be surprised to find unchanging culinary traditions from antiquity.

In Hurghada, unlike other places in Egypt, international food dominates, but with little effort you can find restaurants with excellent Egyptian food. Go to Nubian Cafe, Abu Khadigah or El Halaka and you will not be sorry. Try a fuul (bread beans, with spices), a taameya (Egyptian falafel), a kofta kebab or a hawawshi (similar to lahmaçun) wherever and whenever you have the opportunity.

Emergency assistance

Emergency telephone numbers:

Police: 112

Fire department: 125

Ambulance: 123

Emergency assistance for Romanian citizens:

Phone: +202 2736.01.07

Phone: +202 2735.95.46
(No consular information is provided at this telephone number)

Fax: +202 2736.08.51

Emergency no: +202 2735.95.46