Our roots

We’re proud to be born in Romania and we have the ambition

to become the country’s leading airline.

We are prepared to pioneer new ways of

surprising and delighting our customers.

Our Purpose

We take customers to the places they want to go, should that be a holiday destination
or a place where their loved ones expect them,
or a place they need to be.

And we do that safely, reliably and comfortably.

Our personality

  • We are friendly and approachable
  • ambitious and enterprising
  • curious and disruptive
  • agile and responsive
  • bold and committed
  • locally-based and globally-focused.

Our character

  • human like you
  • open minded
  • warm hearted
  • personal and direct
  • trusted and transparent
  • welcoming and cheerful
  • dedicated and interested
  • strong and reliable
  • surprising
  • motivating
  • forward-thinking
  • We are one-of-a-kind.

Our assets

  • Our people
  • our fleet
  • our domestic and international routes
  • our partners
  • our group
  • our vehicles
  • our technology

Our customers

People from Romania who want to discover old and new destinations,

citizens of the world who travel for pleasure,

you and all the people you love to travel with.

Our management team

The management of Animawings is made of a team of experienced professionals previously holding key positions and having a background
within the airline and aviation industry, possessing all the qualifications, know-how and skills in order to ensure the further development of the company.
Respect for employees
We provide our employees with a stable work environment, with equal opportunities for personal and vocational development.
Creativity and innovative spirit are encouraged to increase the efficiency and productivity of our work.
Moreover, we will always treat our employees with the same respect and attention with which we expect them to treat Animawings customers.

Complete flight services

  • Dedicated aircraft: we manage aircraft to operate full package charter flights and customized itineraries,

depending on the needs of our partners.

  • Seasonal charters: our team can provide a range of aircraft available for entire seasons,

giving Tour Operators the opportunity to provide additional capacity if demand increases during the season.

  • Exclusive capacity: as a strategic development decision, we can operate a series of regular charter flights on request,

corresponding to the needs of travel agencies and tour operators.

Why choose a partnership with Animawings?

  • Onboard branding solutions: We can ensure a whole personalized flight experience with the visual identity elements of the partners.
  • Ground Assistance: Our team is ready to provide assistance in all the processes that take place on the ground, so that everything runs according to schedule.
  • Customized schedule: We provide flights at pre-arranged times - whatever your requirements, we will plan a charter flight that fits perfectly.
  • Impressive coverage: Our international network provides local know-how for the most popular holiday destinations, from Greece, Turkey and Egypt to the remote Spanish islands of Tenerife and Mallorca.
  • Personal Account Manager: Our partners have exclusive access to the services of our charter experts, to assist them in all requests, from meals during the flight to late changes in the program.
Why choose Animawings services for special flights
We provide charter aircraft for the largest tour operators in Romania, covering an impressive list of destinations in Europe,
The United Arab Emirates and Egypt, being always ready to fly to new destinations.
We can provide flexible charter solutions that you, as a partner, will control no matter how demanding your program will be.
Our dedicated team can customize your flight, either before it takes off or even during the flight.
Our team has extensive experience in setting up charter programs,
giving partners long-term commitments and trust-based collaboration.

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