Where do you want to travel?

Welcome to the Animawings flight reservations page

You already know where you want to go, you have a plan in mind, maybe you have already started packing and you have even checked the weather at your destination. But don't forget to book your plane ticket online! Luckily you are in the right place, on the dedicated page, where the whole process takes only a few tens of seconds and is done in just a few clicks. Let's begin! Suppose you are in Bucharest and you want to indulge in a well-deserved vacation in Turkey, after a difficult year. Choose "From Bucharest", from the box on the left, then "To Antalya", from the box on the right, and don't forget to check "Round trip", unless you are planning a longer stay.

The "Search for flight" button does exactly what it promises: it finds the lowest available fares for the chosen flight, displaying your options, along with the starting price. Specifically, on the next page you can choose the day when you want to start your vacation and the day when, unfortunately, you will have to return, seeing the price for each available date, along with the word "lowest price" next to the day .

You have chosen the departure, the return, and now it is time to press "Continue". You will be informed about the flight duration and the number of available seats, after which you will be presented with the three package options: Light Wings (standard price, the starting price), Comfort Wings and Speedy Wings (these two options offer additional services). The last thing you need to do is fill in your personal data: name, date of birth, address, postal code, telephone number and e-mail.

Once you have completed this step, you are invited to review the flight booking dates (be very careful if you have correctly selected the departure / arrival dates and if you have written correctly and completely the names of all passengers!) Then choose if you want to Pay now or Pay later, within 24 hours.