What are you NOT allowed and what are you allowed in your hand luggage? Find out the answers here!

The title questions are some of the most frequently asked questions by passengers before boarding the plane, especially if they are flying for the first time and do not know the restrictions.

It should be noted that these are established by international civil aviation bodies and do not belong to each individual airline. But what the latter decides are their own rules on the size and other characteristics of the luggage they receive on board. Here are all the answers you were looking for.

What are you allowed in your hand luggage?

- deodorants and perfumes (up to 100 milliliters);

- nail polish, nail polish remover solutions (up to 100 ml);

- medicines (liquids over 100 ml must be accompanied by a prescription);

- toothpaste (up to 100 ml);

- make-up remover (up to 100 ml);

- shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, liquid soap (up to 100 ml);

- mascara (up to 100 ml);

- gel, hair spray (up to 100 ml);

- products purchased duty free;

- cigarettes (maximum one cartridge per adult);

- cakes, biscuits, hazelnuts (for in-flight consumption);

- camera and accessories;

- cameras;

- mobile phones;

- laptop;

- MP3 player, walkman, CD / DVD player;

- hair straightener / dryer / curler;

- musical instruments (depending on size);

- flowers.

All liquids cannot exceed 1 litre.

What are you NOT allowed in your hand luggage?

- razors / blades;

- knives, scissors, knives;

- syringes, needles;

- corkscrews;

- alcohol and liquids that have not been purchased from duty free;

- sports and camping equipment (gas cylinders*, skateboard, arrow bow, golf / hockey sticks, skis, gas torches *, roller skates, rods, etc.);

- tools (axes, handcuffs, ropes, cables, hammers, metal bars, universal tools, self-opening knives, drilling machines, screwdrivers);

- weapons ** (ammunition, missiles, smoke canisters, ball weapons, martial arts weapons, catapults, crossbows, pistols);

- explosives and flammable substances * (lighters, detonators, dynamite, fireworks, torches, firecrackers, grenades, mines, explosives, gas, liquid fuel);

- chemicals and toxic substances * (paralyzing sprays, extinguishers, acids, bases, radioactive substances, poison);

- special luggage (surfboards, snowboard / ski equipment, bicycle, diving equipment, stroller).

* These items are also prohibited in hold baggage.

** These items are allowed in hold baggage, but must be declared at check-in.

All other items (without markings) are allowed in the hold baggage.

Animawings rules on hand luggage. As mentioned above, each airline sets its own rules regarding the size and other specifications of the baggage allowed on board. Here are the Animawings rules:

- passengers are entitled to one piece of hand luggage, with a maximum size of 40 x 20 x 28 centimeters and a maximum weight of 6 kilograms (these limits include all accessories - wheels, handles, outer pockets);

- in addition, depending on the ticket purchased, another hand luggage can be carried, of a maximum of 55 x 40 x 20 centimeters and 10 kilograms;

- in addition, passengers can travel with products purchased from duty free;

- electronic guard must be inserted in the hand luggage;

- passengers must carry their hand luggage on their own, without a wheelchair, without damaging the interior of the aircraft and without disturbing other passengers.