What is the average temperature in Hurghada? Plus other questions

In recent years, after the suppression of the riots known as the "Arab Spring", Hurghada has regained its place among the most popular destinations in Egypt and beyond. The former fishing village of the Red Sea is today one of the most chic resorts in the Middle East.

This is due to the climate, the water and the beaches, as well as the relative proximity to the capital Cairo, but also the decent prices. Taking into account the popularity of this tourist center, we have included it from the beginning in our offer, scheduling flights almost every day at prices around 250 euros round trip.

One of the most common questions we receive from those interested in flying to eastern Egypt for the first time is: "What is the average temperature in Hurghada?".

Usually, this curiosity comes with: "What is the best time for a stay in that town?". According to Holiday Weather, one of the most popular weather forecasting platforms in the world, the situation is as follows:

Month / Temperature in Hurghada (average, in degrees Celsius)

January - 16o C

February - 16o C

March - 19o C

April - 23o C

May - 27o C

June - 29o C

July - 30o C

August - 29o C

September - 28o C

October - 24o C

November - 20o C

December - 17o C

Basically, looking at the table of temperatures in Hurghada, we can say with certainty that the "pearl" of the Red Sea is a viable destination for at least 8-9 months a year. Only the winters seem to be less friendly, at least from the perspective of bathing in the sea, but they are certainly much milder than in most European countries.

As for the month with the most sun, it is August (13 hours / day), the most "rainy" is November, although the precipitation is very low anyway, and we find the best temperature of the Red Sea also in August ( 29 degrees Celsius). In the same chapter, we can afford another piece of advice: don't expect the temperatures to drop when the wind blows in Hurghada! On the contrary, in North Africa there is a hot wind, not at all pleasant, so it is better to choose a period in which the forecast does not "mention" it.

In addition to the temperature in Hurghada, other questions are related to tourist attractions, food, hotel regime and other bureaucratic issues. Thus, in the Red Sea there are some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, some of the largest tourist submarines sink in the sea, and the capital Cairo and the pyramids plus the Sphinx of Giza can be seen on a day trip.

Hurghada is known for its all-inclusive resorts, being popular especially among Germans, British, Russians, but also Romanians. In addition to diving and local food both tasty and healthy, you will have the opportunity to meet Bedouins on a night trip in the Sahara desert. Overall, if you know how to choose the hotel and the period with the best temperature, Hurghada is a paradise that Animawings brings closer to you - both literally and figuratively.