Valencia weather and other information you need to know before booking your holiday!

Valencia is a beautiful city in Spain that anyone should visit at least once in their life. This tourist destination has a lot to offer, being an excellent option for any type of tourist.

In Valencia, you will be able to admire old buildings, with a special architecture, but also new buildings, with a futuristic look. You will also have the opportunity to relax on the beach, in green parks and try really delicious food.

Weather - Valencia

This city enjoys superb weather almost all year round. If you want to book flights to Valencia, you should know that the hottest months are June, July, August and September, with a maximum temperature of 31 degrees Celsius. These months are ideal if you want to sunbathe and enjoy swimming, but the weather is also beautiful in February, March, April, May, October, November and December. In the winter months, the maximum temperature can reach up to 19 degrees Celsius.

Useful information about the city

  • Valencia is the 3rd largest city in Spain.
  • It is located on the southeast coast of the country.
  • Valencia airport is called Manises.
  • The banknote used is the euro.
  • Valencia has the largest aquarium in Europe.
  • In March of each year, about 2 million tourists arrive in Valencia to participate in the Fallas festival.

Means of transport in Valencia

- Subway. Many people choose to travel by subway, because there are 6 lines that cover the city center, but also some suburbs.

- Trams. The tram service is marked as the TRAM and is a good option when you want to get to the beach, because the subway does not run in that direction. Tip: when you take a tram ride, don't forget to buy tickets before the trip and validate them on the devices inside it.

- Bus. Buses are often used in Valencia, only that, given that there are over 35 routes, it will be quite difficult to find the best route to where you want to go.

- Taxi. It is easy to find taxis on the main streets, and if you want to reach a tourist destination quickly, it is a good option.

- Car rental. In Valencia, there are many car rental companies, located at the airport or train stations. Renting a car will help you explore more beautiful places in Spain.

The most important areas of Valencia

While visiting the sights of Valencia, you will pass through the following areas:

  • Ciutat Vella - Old Center;
  • Del Carmen;
  • Ruzafa;
  • The Eixample;
  • Canbanyal;
  • Poblats;
  • Extramura.

Tourist attractions you should NOT miss:

  • Old Town;
  • Central square;
  • Valencia Cathedral;
  • Plaza de la Virgen (Square of the Blessed Virgin Mary);
  • La Lonja - a spectacular building built in the Gothic style;
  • City of Arts and Sciences;
  • Turia Gardens;
  • Viveros Gardens;
  • Oceanographic Aquarium;
  • Malvarossa Beach;
  • Albufera Natural Park;
  • Biopark - a futuristic zoo.

Useful words and phrases in Spain:

  • Hola - Hello;
  • Buenos dias - Good morning/afternoon;
  • Gracias - Thank you;
  • Por favor - Please;
  • De nada - With pleasure;
  • Adios - Goodbye;
  • No entiendo - I don't understand;
  • Lo siento - I'm sorry.