A place of contrasts, Turkey manages to combine the imposing mountains with the picturesque landscape, with beaches and old cities,

but which have retained their beauty. A country full of customs and rules different from what we are used to seeing can only be conquering.

You will fall in love with the golden sandy beaches, the carefully placed roads between the tourist objectives and the importance given 

to preserve the memory of their ancestors. And all this emanating an oriental aroma.

How do we get to Turkey?

• The easiest way to get to Turkey is by plane.
• Those who want to spend their holiday in Turkey in one of the many tourist resorts in the most popular destinations in Bodrum or Antalya have the opportunity to fly directly,
choosing to buy airline tickets online for a charter flight on www.animawings.com.
Here you can find direct flights to the most popular destinations in Turkey.
About travel conditions
• To travel from Romania to Turkey, as a Romanian citizen, you need both a valid passport and a visa to enter the state.
Thus, visit visas involve a maximum stay of 90 days, during a period of 180 days.
Weather in Turkey
• The climate in Turkey varies from region to region.
While the coastal areas of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara have a typical local climate typical of hot summers and mild winters,
the northern Black Sea coast is quite cold, with low rainfall. Anatolian mountain areas have very hot and dry summers,
but also cold and snowy winters.
When is it best to visit Turkey?
• In the southern beach resorts, the best time to travel is between June and September.
Those who want to avoid the heat may prefer to travel in spring and autumn.
May and June, as well as September and October are recommended.
How to travel in Turkey?
• There are modern and punctual bus networks that can help you get where you need to go.
Tickets can be purchased at a special kiosk. Long-distance buses are a good option for cheap travel into Turkey.
Various private companies offer connections between almost all cities, starting mainly from bus stations (otogar) or from the markets in smaller cities.
Tickets are often available directly from the bus stops.
• In larger cities there is often a vast network of subways and trams, as well as in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.
• Rail connections are useful between big cities - for example, the high-speed route between Istanbul and Ankara is available several times a day.
There are also important lines that cross Turkey from north to south and from east to west.
• Taxis, shared taxis and minibuses are very popular in Turkey.
Yellow taxis in Istanbul and Ankara use a meter. The price should ideally be negotiated in advance.
• Dolmuș are common taxis that run between selected cities and districts, and you can distinguish them by a yellow band and a black one.
They can simply be requested from the street. The price depends on the distance and is set by the local authorities.
It does not accept surcharges for night or rain travel. A 20 km trip with a dolmen costs only 2-3 euros.
• Driving a rental car in Turkey is an easy option. Most areas have a well-structured road network.
Motorways are easy to use thanks to an electronic toll system.
Highway tolls are available at post offices (PTTs) and service stations along the highway.
Why do you have to take into account before leaving for Turkey?
• The currency in Turkey is the Turkish lira. The euro is also often accepted.
• Alcohol is accepted in Turkey; drinking in public is not.
• Dress conservatively, but relaxed when you are not at the beach, Turkey is a Muslim country.
• When visiting the mosque, shoes should be left somewhere at the entrance, and the shoulders, knees, and usually the head (for women) should be covered.
• Be prepared to be firm when walking through the bazaar - traders can be insistent.
But if you want to buy something, do not hesitate to negotiate the price.
The most beautiful tourist resorts and beaches in Turkey
Antalya is known as Paradise on Earth, the Mediterranean pearl of the Turkish Riviera.
Antalya offers the opportunity to visit many archeological cities, waterfalls, caves, endless beaches and high class golf clubs.
Alanya is a resort famous for its port, with docks from the days of Seljuk,
but also for tourist attractions such as the Red Tower, blue flag beaches, a full range of accommodation,
with many good shops and restaurants, along with lush nightlife.
Kemer is like a jewel on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.
There are plenty of blue flag beaches, especially pebbles and large rocks, although those near the marina are sandy,
both types offer the possibility to practice water sports.
Belek is the main tourist resort in Turkey. The view is spectacular, with long golden sand beaches.
with the mountain in the background. There are many rare species of plants and wildlife in the area, so keep an eye out.
Side - large turquoise, golden sand, the light shining on the ancient ruins. A dream painted in shades of sunset.
Side is a great choice for a holiday with nature, history and ancient ruins.
Bodrum, a world-renowned place for holidays and entertainment.
The resort is a paradise known for its climate, for the sea, for its natural beauty,
for magnificent bays and history, as well as for modern nightlife.
Marmaris enjoys a rich cultural heritage, magnificent natural surroundings, ancient cities,
a few modern harbors, numerous bays along its coast and a natural harbor offering plenty of options for sea travel.
Fethiye is known as the untouched virgin of the land. The most impressive ancient ruins,
the best locations for paragliding and water sports, history, natural beauty, highly developed facilities,
entertainment, the most impressive bays and long sandy beaches meet at Fethiye.
Kusadasi is a perfect combination of sea, sun and untouched beauty of nature.
The result is a holiday destination that promises an unforgettable experience.
Didim is one of the most beautiful holiday resorts on the Aegean coast,
it has secluded bays, golden sandy beaches, natural harbors and nearby Lake Bafa, a haven of tranquility.
Accommodation in Turkey
• All major cities have a good selection of hotels, from discounted accommodation to luxury hotels.
These, along with motels and campsites, are even more common in popular destinations on the south and west coasts.
In more remote areas, accommodation is often very simple and does not always meet Western standards.
• Prices can start from 25 euro / night in a single room, while 90-180 euro / night costs accommodation in a double room.
If you prefer the comfort of luxury resorts, you will pay for a night more than 350 euros.
The most beautiful beaches in Turkey
• With 7200 km of sand, it is no wonder that every beach in Turkey has a special beauty that is worth exploring.
However, tourists are delighted with some of them, due to the impressive color of the water and the combination of the sea and the mountain landscape in the background.
Kabak Beach, Fethiye - Located about 25 km south of Ölüdeniz, Kabak is a patch of white sand and pebbles with turquoise waters 
and nothing to disturb the peace you feel sitting on a deck chair.
Surrounded by a lush pine forest, the bay is frequented mainly by travelers following the Lycian route.
The beach is a 30-minute walk from the village of the same name, on a steep road, but the picturesque and relaxed atmosphere make the effort worthwhile.
Blue Lagoon, Ölüdeniz - In a protected national park, where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea,
The Blue Lagoon of Ölüdeniz is without a doubt the most famous part of Turkish beaches and perhaps one of the most beautiful in the world.
Bright, with all shades of blue, the sea here is so vibrant that it seems almost unreal,
while Mount Babadag in the background provides a perfect launching pad for hundreds of thousands of paragliding enthusiasts
who visits the resort every year.
Cleopatra Beach, Alanya - An enviable combination of natural beauty and excellent facilities make Cleopatra Beach in Alanya
one of the best in Turkey.
With a length of 2.5 km, fine white sand, a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants, along with the Mediterranean waves,
the place is ideal for swimming and water sports.
Patara Beach, Gelemiș - Stretching along the Turkish Riviera - one of the most amazing coastal areas in Europe,
next to the old town of Lycian, Patara is this 18 km long beach, where a paradise of nature lovers takes place.
With high limestone peaks, sand dunes and stunning turquoise sea, the area is part of a national park,
rich in living things and serving as breeding ground for endangered forest turtles.
Besides being the longest beach, Patara is also one of the most picturesque and least sandy stretches along the Mediterranean.
Konyaaltı, Antalya - One of the main beaches in Antalya, Konyaaltı has all the ingredients for a perfect sunny day.
Stretching between the limestone cliffs of the town and the Beydağları mountains, this strip of fine pebbles abounds in water fun,
Splendid views and high class facilities. The area is full of shops, cafés and restaurants
and the seafront promenade is the ideal place for a refreshing and delightful evening walk.
Night life
• Istanbul and the Mediterranean cities next to the Aegean resorts have a wonderful nightlife,
which includes a number of bars, relaxing terraces, Irish pubs, nightclubs and meihanes (taverns),
accompanied by rakı brandy and meze.
• The places where you can drink something are popular and pleasant, with outdoor dining and are beautifully arranged in places like Istiklal Caddesi,
Istanbul or on the streets of Marmaris, Kușadası, Bodrum and Fethiye.
• The mountains and beaches of Turkey offer countless activities, from exploring the valleys of Cappadocia
to more ambitious trips to the Kaçkars, to windsurfing sessions on the Aegean and kayaking on the Mediterranean.
Whether you prefer scuba diving or horse riding you can call on a guide or book day trips to the most beautiful areas of Turkey:
visit important cities (Istanbul, Ankara), discover Cappadocia, Pamukkale and enjoy the sunny beaches.
• Turks like to eat, especially in restaurants that serve their favorite national cuisine.
It is a good idea to book a meal in advance on Friday and Saturday evenings or when you are on the beach during the summer.
• The gastronomic odyssey begins and ends in Turkey. You can enjoy cheap and expensive dishes,
each with a little of the oriental aroma of the place.
If you arrive in the Turkish land you should not miss dishes such as:
• Simit - A bread ring with sesame seeds; sold in bakeries and by street vendors.
• Midye dolma - Mussels stuffed with spiced rice and sold by street vendors.
• Döner kebap - Cooked lamb, then cut thinly and served in salad bread and a drop of sumac.
• Gözleme - Thin, tasty pancakes, stuffed with cheese, spinach, mushrooms or potatoes; especially popular in central Anatolia.
• After enjoying the traditional dishes, switch to fresh fish or seafood, which you find especially in areas with ports.
• Before finishing the meal, don't forget to order a Turkish coffee for an authentic taste that will remain in your memory.
• It is good to know that prices in Turkey are not so high, and a meal in a cheap restaurant is around € 4,
and a local beer (Ephesus) costs € 2.
With its oriental air, volcanic spirit and fairytale landscapes, Turkey is always a fascinating destination,
which invites you to discover it, to find out its secrets and the history of the place, to enjoy its natural beauties,
while relaxing in a corner divided between two worlds - Europe and Asia.