Ready for fun? All about the attractions and temperature of Tenerife!

"Baila, musica, rhythm like Africa / Something like Copacabana" - these are the lyrics of one of the most famous Romanian songs of the last 10 years. If it sounds familiar to you, you certainly know that the title of the song is "Tenerife", and this passage was not chosen at all by chance.

The largest and most populous of the Canary Islands is the ideal combination of sun and African rhythm, beaches and Brazilian fun, but also European cuisine with tropical influences. If you arrived here, it means that either you have already taken your ticket or you are going to take your flight, literally and figuratively, to the perfect holiday destination, together with Animawings.

Temperature in Tenerife. One of the main curiosities of our customers, once they have reserved their place to the Spanish island, off the Atlantic Ocean, is: "What is the temperature in Tenerife? Did I choose the ideal time?".

Fortunately, the answer to the second question is always "YES", as here you can sunbathe all year round, the place being known as the Island of Eternal Spring. However, let's see what are the average values ​​of degrees in thermometers, in the tropical paradise located relatively close to home:

Temperature in Tenerife (monthly average, in degrees Celsius)

January - 17

February - 17

March - 18

April - 18

May - 19

June - 21

July - 23

August - 24

September - 23

October - 22

November - 20

December - 17.

The sunniest month is August (10 hours a day), the rainiest is December (56 millimeters of rainfall), and the best water is found in September (average water temperature this month is 24 degrees Celsius).

Two other curiosities related to the weather and temperature in Tenerife are the following: the differences between day and night are almost insignificant (20 degrees Celsius during the day and 18 degrees at night in January, respectively 25 degrees Celsius during the day and 23 degrees at night in July) , and the risks of precipitation are non-existent. Thus, the risk of precipitation is 17% in December (maximum) and 0% in July (minimum), while the risk of closed weather (clouds) is 7% in April (maximum) and 2% in July and August (minimum).

The temperature in Tenerife allows you and the group you travel with, whether we are talking about family or friends, to enjoy unique tourist attractions throughout the year. We are talking first of all about Teide, one of the most visited natural parks in the world, part of the Unesco Heritage, which houses the volcano of the same name, the third largest in the world.

Also waiting for you is the Mask Valley, an extremely picturesque route, full of palm trees, waterfalls, caves and cliffs, which ends in the Gulf of the same name, where you can relax on the fine sandy beaches.

Last but not least, Tenerife is known for its special dishes: grilled meat and fish, noodle soups, vegetables and meat, but also goat's smoked cheese, in a delicious combination with local ham and avocado honey.