Meals and beverages on board

Do you prefer a delicious soup: chicken or tomato, vegetarian or couscous, a slice of Quatro Formaggi or Quatro Stagioni pizza, a fresh sandwich with chicken breast, Sibiu salami or cheese, or just a drink with a snack? On board the Animawings airplane you will have plenty to choose from, especially since we have prepared the most interesting packages for you, in multiple combinations, with discounts to match!

Check the on board catering menu here.

1. Breakfast Deals: from 4.5 euros [you save up to 1 euro] for 1 hot drink (coffee, tea) + 1 snack (croissant, muffin, snack, sweets)/1 soft drink

2. Happy Deals: 10 euros for 1 soft drink + 1 fresh sandwich + 1 snack/1 soft drink + 1 slice of pizza + 1 sweet snack or 1 muffin [you save up to 1.5 euros]. And if you want an EXTRA DEAL, add 5 euros for any Wine (white, red or rose), Prosecco, Whiskey (Jack Daniel's, Dewar's etc), Whitley Neill gin (Mango&Lime, Blackberry, Raspberry, Quince), Dead Man's Fingers rum ( Coffee Rum, Raspberry Rum, Cherry Rum, Mango Rum), Heineken beer or Absolut vodka.

3. Couple Deals: 25 euros [save up to 4 euros] 2 bottles of Prosecco (of your choice) + 2 Nachos with cheese sauce + 2 croissants or 17 euros [save up to 2 euros] 2 soft drinks + 2 fresh sandwiches (of your choice) + 2 sweets (of your choice)

Restaurant service at AnimaWings Business Class

Experience sophisticated and individual service when travelling with AnimaWings Business Class on long-distance flights.

You will try the best. We have exquisite dishes for you, prepared from gourmet ingredients, served on a high quality porcelain tableware on a carefully laid table. You will feel as if you were in a good restaurant.

If you want a new perfume or you want to buy a gift for a loved one, we have many options on board. You can see them here.

We want you to have a great experience on board our airplane!