Legoland and more! We have introduced Bucharest-Billund plane tickets

No wonder if, until recently, you had not even heard of Billund: we are talking about a small town of 6,600 inhabitants in central Denmark, with an area of only 8 square kilometers.

What makes it special, however, is the fact that one of the most famous companies in the world and, certainly, the most loved by children, was born here almost 100 years ago. It's Lego, the manufacturer of toys, which has delighted generations of boys and girls, but also adults, from all over the world.

And just as Disneyland exists in Paris, Tokyo, or the United States, so does Legoland, right where the company was founded in 1932. To help you give your child an unforgettable adventure, either on his/her birthday or on another special occasion, we introduced Bucharest-Billund plane tickets in the Animawings offer, at prices starting from only 47.3 euros (one-way)! We scheduled weekly flights to the local airport, which, surprisingly or not, was also built at the initiative of the Lego founders.

Flights Bucharest-Billund. Legoland Park, Denmark's largest tourist attraction outside the capital Copenhagen, receives more than 2 million tourists a year and houses no less than 50 attractions in its 14 hectares, including roller coasters and water sports.

The park includes no less than 9 themed areas, by far the most attractive being Mini Land, where they rebuilt using millions of Lego pieces, buildings or famous landmarks around the world: the famous Nyhavn district (Copenhagen), the Abu Simbel temples Egypt), downtown Amsterdam (Netherlands) or Mount Rushmore (USA).

However, if you have purchased Bucharest-Billund plane tickets and are planning a stay longer than two or three days, it is a shame not to visit other areas of Denmark, taking advantage of the short distances. Thus, we recommend the Tivoli and Dyrehavsbakken amusement parks, the zoo and Blue Planet Aquarium (all in Copenhagen), but also the ARoS museum of contemporary art in Aarhus.

A special destination is the student town of Odense, with its picturesque streets, inviting cafes and restaurants, but also the Royal Garden, the Odense Slot or the Danish Railway Museum.

Another curiosity you can have, before or after you buy Bucharest-Billund plane tickets, is related to the weather in the "homeland" of Lego. According to the Holiday Weather platform, average temperatures vary between the following values ​​(in degrees Celsius):

- January: -1 .. + 3;

- February: -2 .. + 3;

- March: -1 .. + 7;

- April: 3..12;

- May: 6..16;

- June: 9..18;

- July: 12..21;

- August: 12..21;

- September: 10..17;

- October: 6..12;

- November: 3..8;

- December: 0..4.

In terms of rainfall, the news is not exactly happy: February, March and April are the only months when the risk of rain / snow falls is below 50% in the small town in central Denmark (on the other hand, in November the risk is 66% ). But, regardless of temperatures and rains, it's time to have fun with your children in the original Lego paradise!