Greek Islands

The Greek islands are a fascinating land, which can be discovered easily.
From the main attraction, the sunny seaside, with beaches rich in fine sand and playful children or strips of shore secluded and hidden from the eyes of tourists,
where you can connect with nature, waters of a crystalline turquoise that mesmerizes you and even fragments of history reminiscent of glorious times,
proud cities and ancient cities, which introduce us to the places where such a beautiful and welcoming people was born.
All this is crowned by the joy of meals at a tavern, near the port,
with the flavor of Greek tzatziki and koukoumavlos or a delicious Greek salad with a glass of ouzo.
Going through all these tangible aspects, the most beautiful Greek islands are a holiday destination and will delight you with their uniqueness,
they will tell you untold stories and take you on a journey about the past and present with puzzle pieces
from the history of the place and breathtaking landscapes. 

The most beautiful Greek islands

Santorini Island - also named Thira by the Greeks, is one of the favorite destinations of couples in love,

for the island offers tourists a unique and spectacular stay due to the unique landscapes created by the crater of the volcano in which the island came to life.

The lively island of Santorini is the emblematic image of holidays in Greece, thanks to the white houses with blue roofs,

which contrasts superbly with the azure of the sea.

How to get there: Being an island located at the southernmost point of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea,

the only way to get to the destination is by plane.

Beaches: Santorini is obviously different from other islands with its special beaches, covered with volcanic rocks,

which for some tourists may be unpleasant, but which adds a touch of mystery to the already fascinating location.

On Red Beach you will find reddish sand and volcanic rocks, while Kolumbo Beach will delight you with embers black sand

and the surrounding red rocks.

Other famous beaches of the island are White Beach, Perissa and Kamari, each with its own unique elements.

Many of these strips of sand can easily enter the top of the most beautiful beaches in Greece,

being well designed for the comfort of visitors.

Tourist attractions and activities: Santorini is a holiday destination for family or couples, so you will have peace.

Stroll through the most famous resorts of the island: Fira, Oia or Imerovigli and admire the architecture of the place, enjoying the stops at the taverns,

souvenir shops, monasteries or museums. If you want to discover more about the history of the island you can visit the archeological site Akrotiri,

letting your footsteps lead you to the volcano or to nearby settlements, such as Thirassia,

where you can ride on a donkey or cable car.

If you are in love with water sports in Santorini you can fully enjoy your passion, as the beaches offer you various activities,

along with boat trips to other neighboring islands or surrounding wrecks and your vacation will thus gather enough pictures for an album.

Rhodes Island - Located at the junction of the Aegean Sea with the Mediterranean, Rhodes is a perfect island primarily for history lovers,

for at every step you can discover a corner of the medieval city perfectly preserved and combined in some places with the modern.

The largest island in the Dodecanese is a must-see holiday destination.

How to get there: Located closer to the coast of Turkey than to the Greek mainland, the island of Rhodes is easily reached by plane.

Beaches: In a place where the sun visits the entire island 300 days a year, you can't miss the spectacular beaches.

Relax in the rays of Faliraki Beach, Pallas Beach, Ixia Beach. A unique place not to be missed is Prasonisi beach,

where you can swim in both the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea.

Tourist attractions and activities: Rhodes is like a book of Greek history, because in the area we meet many tourist attractions reminiscent of fragments

from the island's past, such as the UNESCO-listed medieval city of Rhodes, the Acropolis of Lidos, the footprints of the famous Colossus of Rhodes,

the ancient Kamiros, as well as numerous museums.

Go for a walk on Knights Street, admire the old Mandraki port, making a stop at Hippocrates Square, discover the Gothic churches,

then venture on the island's roads in search of the Acropolis of Lindos, the Filerimos Monastery, the Butterfly Valley,

the springs of Kallithea and the many castles - Kritinia being one of the most beautiful.

Kefalonia Island - is the largest area of ​​land in the Ionian Sea, with its size attracts tourists every year, but also with its special charm,

given that it brings together the high mountains and generous lakes with exotic and picturesque beaches, along with the special gastronomy of the place.

Known as a perfect destination for families, the island is no longer so crowded, so it is ideal for relaxation.

Beaches: Famous for its "role" in Captain Corelli's Mandolin production, Kefalonia has many spectacular beaches,

one of the most beautiful reminiscent of Myrtos beach, with a white sand that contrasts with the turquoise water and high rocks.

If you arrive on the island do not miss a sunbath on the beaches of Antisamos, Makris Gialos, Skala or Lourdas.

Tourist attractions and activities: Going past the beautiful beaches, which invite you to laze in the sun and bathe in the azure waters,

on this island you have a lot to see and do. Discover the Loggerhead turtles in Argostoli Bay,

admire the sensational underground lake Melissani, the Drogarati caves and take a walk through the town of Fiskardo (nicknamed St. Tropez of Greece).

Don't miss Agia Efimia, St. George's Castle, Argostoli Lighthouse, Assos and Sami villages for a complete experience.

Corfu Island - is the most visited island in Greece, located in the northern part of the Ionian Sea.

Corfu makes you feel at home, even on vacation, with a pleasant, hospitable air,

with lush green landscapes of cypress forests around beaches with fine sand and crystal clear waters.

Being in the top of tourists' preferences, "Emerald Island" will turn your vacation into a memorable one.

Beaches: As on any other Greek island, the beaches are special and spectacular, and the island of Corfu is not much different.

You can admire the natural beauties from a sun lounger on the beaches of Agia Varvara - with its reddish sands, Glyfada, Paleokastritsa, Canal d`amour,

Kassiopi Beach, Roda Beach.

Tourist attractions and activities: Not built according to the black and white patterns of Greece,

the island of Corfu combines in the architecture of the old center of the city the French, Venetian and British influences, forces that ruled in turn in these places.

Admire the buildings that combine baroque with renaissance style as you walk through Spianada Square.

For a better connection to the spirit of the island, visit Achilion Palace, Angelokastro Castle, Gardiki Castle,

Paleokastritsa and the Old Fort, passing on the list of tourist attractions, the Church of St. Spiridon and the village of Gastouri.

Don't miss Aqualand, a perfect water park for families and enjoy a diving session in the sea for extra adrenaline.

After a busy day, relax in a tavern with delicious traditional dishes.

You are on the perfect island for a relaxing holiday.

Skiathos Island - Positioned fairly close to the mainland, "the shadow of Athos", as the island is called,

is one of the most important attractions of the Northern Sporades Archipelago and attracts tourists like a magnet due to the impressive number

of beaches (over 60 in number).

Beaches: The advantage of Skiathos Island, the beaches, delight tourists not only because of their impressive number, but also because of the captivating beauty,

especially those located in the southern area.

Koukounaries Beach, one of the most beautiful in the area and recently declared the third most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean,

it is 15 m wide and 2 km long, but the fine golden sand and turquoise waters of the sea, complement perfectly with the nearby pine forests,

making an impressive picture.

Tourist attractions and activities: The holiday in Skiathos will be a relaxing and peaceful one,

but you can change the pace some days and choose to walk through the old town of Kastro,

to admire the capital Skiathos Town whose main attraction is the port and easily head north to the island for a visit

at the medieval castle, the house of Papadiamantis (an important Greek writer, born here), the Bourtzi peninsula,

Evangelistria monastery or sea caves.

Thassos Island - is preferred by tourists going for the first time to Greece with young children.

Beaches: Along the coast of the whole island you will discover exceptional beaches, from those with fine and golden sand,

to those with white pebbles polished by the waves of the sea,

from endless stretches of sand to those that stop abruptly in the rock wall.

The most beautiful beaches on the island of Thassos are Golden Beach, Paradise Beach, Alyki, Makriamos, Glykadi,

but the attraction of tourists is Giola.

This natural pool, also called “blue lagoon” or “mermaid pool” will delight you with its unique decoration for holiday photos.

Tourist attractions and activities: You can't get bored in Thassos. The island hums during the warm season and offers you

lots of tourist attractions besides the fabulous beaches. Visit the villages of Kazaviti, Panagia, Theologos on the island,

to capture an authentic picture of the place.

Extremely picturesque, Kastro is a semi-deserted village, from where you can admire the most beautiful views of the island.

Embark on a hike in the mountains and discover the Ancient Agora, located above Limenas, where you will find the remains

the old town of Thassos and the monastery of Archangel Michael, which offers a special architecture, located on a hill in Livadi.

After visits to museums and archeological sites you can choose the ATV rides on the island,

or water sports such as snorkeling, sailing, yachting to relax at sea.

Greek islands for young people

Mykonos Island - is the paradise of partygoers, lovers of exotic and adrenaline.

Although expensive for some pockets, the island is truly charming.

Its architecture, the predominant colors - white and blue - together with the relief create a picture of an authentic Greek island,

which you can't help but love.

Beaches: Diverse and attractive, the beaches of Mykonos will satisfy the tastes of any tourist.

You can enjoy the hot sand or the crystal clear and turquoise water of the sea on the beaches of Paranga, Agios Ioannis, Fokos, or Kalo Livadi.

Tourist attractions and activities: Although it is characterized by energy and agitation, Mykonos can also be an island that attracts romance.

Stroll through the picturesque streets of the capital Chora, admire the sunrise seen from the Little Venice neighborhood

and be inspired by the exotic hotels and beaches that invite you to swim in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Pelican Peter, the symbol of the island, will urge you to visit the windmills,

Paraportiani church, take a trip to the island of Delos (archeological site, an uninhabited island) or visit Gyzi Castle,

located on a hill above the village of Ano Mera, inside the island. 

Samos Island - is a real delight for tourists who do not want a vacation just for lazing in the sun and bathing in the waves of the sea.

On the island of Samos you will discover the birthplace of Pythagoras, but also of Hera, the wife of Zeus in Greek mythology.

As Muscat de Samos wine is at your discretion in these places, you will feel full of euphoria throughout your stay.

Beaches: As you can find special beaches on all the Greek islands, Samos does not go unnoticed either.

The most beautiful beaches in the area are Tsamadou, Agio Konstantinos, Potoiaki and Lemonakia, and some of them give you the feeling of freedom,

being almost deserted.

Tourist attractions and activities: You can't get to Samos and visit the Heraion Temple of Hera, part of the UNESCO heritage,

but also the Eupalinus Tunnel.

Discover the Panagia Spiliani monastery if you reach a little above Pythagorion and admire the virgin vegetation of Mount Ambelos,

on a hike on Mount Kerkis or Mount Ambelos, where you can get to know birds of prey, herons, 

pelicans or even pink flamingo birds.

Paros Island - manages to maintain its reputation as the "pearl of the Aegean Sea", the most popular island in the Cyclades being visited by tourists that choose Santorini.

The island is ideal for young people, romantic couples and families and its points of interest are traditional villages and beaches in the southeast.

Beaches: Young people will have fun on the beaches of the southeast of the island, dedicated to surfers: Golden Beach and New Golden Beach,

and those without inhibitions can even opt for nudist locations, located at a distance of 2 km by boat, on the island of Antiparos.

You will be able to discover the wildness and the freedom to throw yourself in the azure waters, without a bathing suit on Soros Beach or in the small bays of Agios Georgios.

Tourist attractions and activities: Arriving in Paros, discover the traditional villages - Naoussa, Parikia (main town) and Lefkes,

with white houses and churches with blue towers. Visit the most beautiful and important Byzantine monastery in the region - Eketontapyliani,

nicknamed "the monastery with a hundred doors" or Logovarda Monastery.

Walk to the capital Parikia to discover the castle of Parikia, built in 1260 by the Venetians.

Fun and adrenaline awaits you in the southern part of the island, destined for the brave lovers of kite surfing,

who want to enjoy the local Cycladic wind.

Lesser known Greek islands

Monemvasia Island - not as famous as Thassos or Lefkada,

but it can be your favorite destination if you want a holiday in quieter Greek islands.

A real corner of Heaven with the air of a citadel, the island of Monemvasia will keep you away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas of Greece

and it will let you walk freely on the streets without crowds.

Beaches: Less landscaped and more authentic, the beaches of Monemvasia allow you to connect with Greek nature.

The rocky landscapes can be successfully admired from Pori beach. Mandraki Beach, near the port or Xifias Beach,

minutes from the village of Agia Paraskievi, there are other options for hot summer days.

Tourist attractions and activities: The town of Molaoi, the main attraction of the place, delights you with a rocky scenery, which abounds in Mediterranean vegetation,

highlighting a fortress with thick walls, Byzantine churches and the sea in an intense blue, which perfectly completes the picture.

Discover the fortress in the city, but also the Agia Sophia Church and Christos Elkomenos Square. Enjoy trips to Gerakas (Ierakas)

and Kiparissi and snorkel during breaks between walks.

Chios Island - is a magical island of Greece, which hides the secrets of the medieval village of Mesta, where you must be careful not to get lost,

being built as a fortified labyrinth, with numerous tunnels leading to roofs or private courtyards.

Beaches: The beaches are not the strong point of this island, because there are so many attractions to visit, but one of them, Mavra Voilia,

it stands out due to the amazing contrast between the black volcanic sand, the intense navy blue water and the yellow of the stones in the area.

Tourist attractions and activities: In addition to the beauty of Mesta, you will discover clinging to the hills and floating above the island,

the ghost town of Anatavos, which hides a tragic story.

This fragment of the story of the island of Samos was abandoned after the Chios massacre (1822).

The city is now a national monument, after thousands of Greeks were killed by Ottoman troops during the war of independence.

Today, Anatavos is well preserved by the few locals who sell goods and mezedes, small plates of food, which you will enjoy during your stay.

After finding out this tragic story, you should discover the southern region of the island, Mastichochoria, a labyrinth of seven villages with narrow streets

and impressive facades.

The black and white decorative elements impress every inch of the city and are worth admiring.

Tilos Island - is considered a jewel of the Dodecanese Archipelago, being special for its small size, only 63 square kilometers,

but also through the friendly atmosphere created by the locals.

How to get there: Just 65 km from Rhodes Island, Tilos can be reached by ferry from Rhodes.

Beaches: Tilos does not excel in terms of landscaped beaches, most of them being quiet and wild,

Eristos and Plaka being a part of the sandy stretches where you can relax without being disturbed by the crowds.

The best known is Livadia, located near the port of the island.

Tourist attractions and activities: Tourists who choose to visit the island of Tilos are eager for a relaxing holiday,

away from the hustle and bustle and that's why they appreciate the calm and friendship in the area. Once on the island you will be able to admire the abundant vegetation in wild plants,

from the mountainous lands. Stroll through the lively port of Tilos, full of cafes and taverns, or visit the Byzantine castle nestled at the foot of the capital.

The cheapest islands in Greece

In addition to the fascinating beaches, Greece is an affordable, even cheap, holiday destination.

If we talk about accommodation in the Greek islands, it generally starts from 20-25 euros per night, and in terms of food,

the taverns are extremely accessible and offer you generous portions of souvlaki, tsatsiki salad, gyros or seafood and fish,

in a lunch menu that can cost 20 euros.

The island of Crete - is the largest Greek island and boasts a lot of attractions.

You will immediately fall in love with the island of Crete, because the landscape is impressive.

From the high mountains, hundreds of excellent beaches, ancient sites and long gorges, complemented by palaces belonging to the Minoan civilization,

Venetian cities, medieval castles, Ottoman mosques and Byzantine monasteries, Crete is an amalgam of natural beauty, culture and history.

Beaches: With more than 1000 km of coastline, Crete boasts over 100 exceptional beaches,

wherever you are staying on the island you can enjoy the sun and the sea in a special place.

One of the most beautiful strips of sand on the island is Balos, with its Caribbean air, followed by Elafonissi,

a special beach with pink sand and crystal clear waters, Preveli, Vai, which delights through the nearby date forest, Matala and Falassarna.

Tourist attractions and activities: In Crete you will never be able to get bored, because there are so many things to see,

explore and discover that you will need to come back to embrace them all.

Begin the journey through the history of the island with the Ruins of the Minoan Civilization and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, which houses a collection of Minoan artifacts,

with key pieces such as the fresco "Jumping over the Bull" dating from 1800 I. H., Venetian Castles, Knossos Palace or Arkadi Monastery,

then passing to the beauties created by nature and highlighted by Zakaros Gorge, Lasithi Plateau, Melidoni Cave, Sfendoni Cave.

The beautiful beaches and the picturesque mountain landscape, with keys full of wildlife, make Crete one of the favorite destinations of mountaineering enthusiasts,

trekking keys and obviously water sports. Lovers of music and fun in clubs will enjoy Malia, the area of ​​the island where you feel like Ibiza.

Let yourself be captivated by the Cretan aromas at a tavern in the harbor and admire the view of a romantic sunset and breathe in the former Venetian air of the island.

Zakynthos Island: It is the most recognizable Greek island due to the multitude of pictures,

which made it famous, images with the famous wreck on Navaggio beach.

Otherwise, the island loved by many tourists invites you to admire the caretta-caretta turtles, protected by law, which come to lay their eggs on the beaches of the region.

The fine sand on the beaches nestled in places by pure white rocks, the azure waters and the atmosphere of Zakynthos Island are ideal

both for family holidays and for a group of friends or in pairs.

Beaches: The island, south of Kefalonia, has become famous for its Navaggio beach, which attracts millions of tourists due to the wreckage of a ship.

But Zakynthos has many other stretches of sand that are worth discovering, including Vassilikos, Gerakas,

Spiantza, Porto Zoro, Agios Nikolaos, Kalamaki are the ones you don't want to miss,

along with those in the south of the island, where you can also admire the turtles.

The blue caves are also to be checked on the list of attractions during beach breaks, because they will surely amaze you with their beauty.

Tourist attractions and activities: If staying in the sun can get boring, Zakynthos Island invites you to discover it on foot,

visiting the capital Zakynthos Town, the islet of Marathonisi (in the Gulf of Laganas), the monastery of Anafonitria (in the northwest),

the Venetian bridge in Argassi, but also the National Marine Park, the Byzantine Museum, Kap Keri, Askos Stone Park or Crama Callinico.

Adrenaline lovers can relax by practicing water sports such as skiing, jet skiing, flyboarding,

and those who dream of admiring the beauties under the waves can enjoy diving sessions.

Lefkada Island - its beauty is comparable to the Caribbean.

Azure bays, white sand and lofty cliffs, which rise menacingly in a more mountainous landscape of the island.

Beaches: One of the most beautiful Greek islands welcomes you with similar beaches, especially in the western area, where we meet the famous Porto Katsiki,

a top beach in the world, appreciated for its special beauty. It is eclipsed by Egremni Beach

(which was partially destroyed due to the 2015 earthquake), Kathsima Beach, with many more along the entire coast,

more secluded or more crowded, suitable for all tastes.

Tourist attractions and activities: In addition to the landscapes that will forever remain in your soul,

Lefkada is also worth exploring due to its tourist attractions.

The list of objectives is worth checking the island's capital, fishing villages, waterfalls and caves on the island,

the churches of Agios Dimitrios, Agios Minas and the fortress of Santa Maura.

If you are a fan of water sports you will find enough activities to satisfy your need for adrenaline,

and sea cruises will help you discover the hidden parts of the island.

Special, different and so captivating, the Greek islands will remain imprinted in your memories as the most beautiful places to spend your vacation.