The easiest way to get rid of the fear of the plane!

Over time, countless articles have been written on the Internet about the fear of airplanes. However, they all deal with the effect and not the cause, being built around the idea of "overcoming" this fear. Precisely for that reason, we decided to approach the topic from a different perspective.

Specifically, let's explain why the flight phobia is completely irrational and should not be defeated, but simply eliminated. In the following, we will present some unbeatable arguments, which we hope will convince you to watch with enthusiasm, not with fear, your next trip above the clouds.

First of all, we will appeal to science, because not only does it never lie, but, unlike opinions, it cannot be influenced. Thus, the risk of accident is 0.00001%, this means you should check at least 10,000,000 flights to be "sure" that something bad could happen.

This figure is, of course, ridiculous, as even the most experienced pilots do not reach more than a few tens of thousands of flights throughout their careers. The statistics presented above make the plane by far the safest means of transportation ever invented by man.

Second, you may have heard that one in four people is afraid of flying. But, if you have the curiosity to "unlock" this statistic, you will find out that the people who are most afraid of flying are the ones who have never flown! In other words, they are frightened rather by the unknown, not by the "machine" with wings itself.

In fact, you can prove this in reverse: you will notice that as they fly more, people gain more and more confidence in airplanes, which even turns into a kind of addiction. So what are you waiting for? Book your first flight with Animawings and experience the same feeling on your own skin!

Last but not least, negative news with accidents can also contribute to the fear of planes. It is true that the chances of escaping a plane crash are much lower than in the case of a car accident, but, as we said earlier, they are thousands of times less likely.

Moreover, if you have ever had the curiosity to visit portals such as Flight Radar 24, you have certainly noticed that, at every moment, tens of thousands of planes fly over the Earth, and 99.99999% of them reach their destination without incident.

In addition, you must realize that the fear of flying and the reluctance to this extremely fast means of transport limit your travel options even more than the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, given all the arguments we have set out in this article, we believe that you should eliminate the completely unjustified fear and join us for some of the most spectacular adventures of your life!