Flying for the first time? Read this article on the way to the airport!

The first flight has many things in common with a first date: both events excite you, scare you equally, and although you can get a general idea and have certain expectations, you never know exactly how it will turn out. 

All you can do is enjoy the trip, maybe even the little "adventures" on the road, such as clogged ears from the plane or a glass spilled on the table at the restaurant. What matters, after all, is the destination, and the details will only amuse you later.

If you are flying for the first time, this article cannot replace the experience you will have on your own, but we will at least help you be prepared. That's why we divided the text into mini-chapters that you have to be sure to check, both to make you feel good and not to confuse those around you.

It is quite possible that some of them are also at the first experience of this kind, which means that you have the chance to make new friends, starting from the fact that you are going through the same new situations together.

The hustle and bustle of the airport. As we said at the beginning, we assume that you have already bought your ticket and checked in, so we will only tell you about the "bustle" at the airport, how to organize yourself in the apparent chaos and about your own flight. 

When you go by plane for the first time, the airport will surely seem like a miniature city, where each passenger, pilot, service person or salesman has their own route, which will often intersect with yours. To be efficient and not late, follow the markings to check-in (for hold baggage drop off) and then to security (or ask someone).

Detector test. Once you have handed over your hold baggage and sat in line for security check, you must take one or more trays in which to place all the goods you will bring with you on the plane. Electronic devices, such as a smartphone or laptop, as well as objects with metal parts, including a belt, jacket or shoes, must be placed separately.

Also, don't forget to drink or throw away any bottle of water or juice purchased from outside the airport. Going through the metal detector can seem, when you fly the first time, a real polygraph test: even if you have nothing to hide, you will surely be emotional like when you see  your date for the first time face to face.

Duty free and clogged ears. These two "realities" will continue to accompany you: after you pass the security check and identify the gate where your flight leaves from, you can enjoy a few tens of minutes in duty free shops. Once you board the plane, the flight attendants will guide you to your seat and will not forget to remind you to put on your seat belt and turn off your mobile phone.

They will surely realize that it is the first time you fly, after your inherent emotions. But don't worry: the plane is by far the safest means of transportation! The only thing that is equally certain is that your ears will become clogged at take-off and, most likely, they will unclog only after you reach your destination.

But you only "need" them if the same stewards ask you what you want to drink or eat on board. Otherwise, you can either rest or look out the window.

To prevent this, you can chew gum, candy or drink small mouthfuls of water, both during take-off and landing.

Have a great flight!