When to go to Zanzibar? Find out the ideal months to visit this destination!

Zanzibar is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean that anyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. This tourist destination has been blessed with fine beaches, white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters and lots of attractions that will make your vacation unforgettable.

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous territory of Tanzania, located off the east coast of Africa, and the official language is Swahili. The archipelago is the perfect destination both for those who want to relax on the beach and for those who want to try water sports or go on a safari.

When to go to Zanzibar?

You can visit Zanzibar in almost any month of the year, but the best time is between January and April, because it is not the peak of the season and you will be able to enjoy all the attractions of the archipelago at better prices than in the rest of the year. But, if you want to spend your summer vacation here, you can confidently choose a vacation between June and October. Zanzibar has a lot to offer and, even if the island is busier these months, you are guaranteed to spend unforgettable moments.

5 important things about Zanzibar

Now that you know when to go to Zanzibar, you need to know other important things about this tourist destination. 

1. Each beach in Zanzibar has a special charm

Even if some beaches are more beautiful than others, each of them offers something unique and special. As the sand is white, the water is turquoise and the locals are friendly, every beach in Zanzibar guarantees that visitors will feel great.

2. The gastronomy is mixed and includes dishes to everyone's liking

Zanzibar is an island with a predominantly Muslim population, but it also has other influences (Indian, Portuguese, etc.), which is reflected in the culinary sector. In addition to the many spices and exotic fruits that exist in the archipelago, Zanzibar is also known for its fresh seafood, but also for combining various recipes. For example, here you can taste Chinese noodles with sweet Arabic dishes and Indian spices.

In the recipes, the commonly used types of meat are chicken and beef, but the locals also prefer goat meat. Regardless of the dish you order, you must know that it will be prepared very carefully and that you will receive a generous amount, which will surely delight you!

3. The range of drinks is diverse

In Zanzibar, you can drink both non-alcoholic beverages, such as coffee, coconut water, teas and juices, as well as alcoholic beverages such as beer, highly praised by tourists, whiskey and gong, a drink similar to brandy, obtained by fermenting papaya fruit.

Careful! It is not advisable to drink tap water! Hydrate only with bottled water that you can buy in supermarkets.

4. Be careful how you dress

Given that Zanzibar has a predominantly Muslim population, it is recommended that you choose your clothing carefully when going out from the hotel and its surroundings. Try to avoid wearing pants and short dresses and opt, instead, for longer dresses and a scarf to cover your shoulders.

5. Vaccines are not mandatory

To spend your holiday in Zanzibar, it is not mandatory to get a vaccine, but if you want to explore Tanzania, then you will need to get vaccinated against malaria and yellow fever.