About us

Make sure what you do brings smiles to your customers' faces. If you love what you do, you will do an excellent work! These are the ingredients of a successful company.

Despre companie

About the company

Established in 2019, Animawings operates flights to the most popular destinations in Europe and Africa.
We are proud to be a Romanian company and we want to become the largest airline in the country. We are ready to discover new ways to amaze and satisfy our customers even before boarding our aircraft, until the end of the chosen journey.

Our mission

By what we do, we make sure that all travellers arrive at the desired destination, regardless of whether it is a holiday destination, a place where someone dear is waiting for them or, simply, a destination where they have to arrive. We do this by offering safety, confidence and comfort.

Our personality

We are happy, friendly and always approachable, we are ambitious and enterprising, curious and innovative, brave and dedicated, locally organized, but with a global vision.

Our character

We are people like everyone else, open to new ideas, direct and personal, transparent and reliable, welcoming and encouraging, dedicated and strong, trustworthy, surprising, motivating, daring, we are exceptional.

Our clients

People from Romania who want to discover old and new destinations, citizens of the world , you and all your friends you love to travel with.

Our assets

Employees, fleet, domestic and international routes, partners, our group, vehicles, technology.

Management team

The team that coordinates Animawings is made up of professionals with extensive experience in key positions in this field, people who have performed in important companies in aviation and air transport and who have all the qualifications, know-how and skills necessary to ensure the success of the company.

Respect for employees

We must provide our employees with a stable work environment, with equal opportunities for personal and vocational development. Creativity and innovative spirit are encouraged to increase the efficiency and productivity of our work. Moreover, we will always treat our employees with the same doses of respect and attention with which we expect them to treat Animawings customers.

Why choose a partnership with us

We provide charter aircraft for the largest tour operators in Romania, covering an impressive list of destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Egypt and Tunisia, being always ready to fly to new destinations.

We can provide flexible charter solutions that you, as our partner, will control no matter how demanding your program will be.

Our dedicated team can customize your flight, either before it takes off or even during the flight.

We have extensive experience in setting up charter flight programs, offering partners long-term commitments and trust-based collaboration.

Why choose Animawings services for special flights?

Onboard branding solutions

We can provide an entire personalized flight experience with elements of visual identity of the partners.

Ground assistance

Our team is ready to provide assistance in all ground processes, so that everything runs according to schedule.

Custom schedule

We provide flights at pre-arranged times - whatever your requirements, we will plan a charter flight that fits perfectly.

Impressive network

Our international network provides local know-how for the most popular holiday destinations, from Greece, Turkey and Egypt to the remote Spanish islands of Tenerife and Mallorca.

Dedicated account manager

Our partners have exclusive access to the services of our charter experts, to assist them in all matters, from meals during the flight to late changes in the program.

Do you need additional information?

Send us your requests and one of our experts will send you an offer as soon as possible.        Contact us